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You Need a Liquor License to Sell or Serve Alcohol in Texas

To serve liquor in Texas, a license is required. It is illegal to sell or serve liquor without this license. Anyone found in violation of this rule is subject to criminal charges and fines. The establishment the individual found to be in violation of the state law can also be penalized for such an action. To earn a liquor license in Texas, you'll need to complete an exam that ensures that you understand proper alcohol serving measures that keep everyone safe.

All About the Test

The alcohol servers/sellers test is composed of several multiple choice questions that test your knowledge concerning general alcohol and service. Before scheduling a time slot to take the test, it is a good idea to enroll in a study course that can better prepare you for the test since it gives insight into the type of information you might see. Keep in mind there is a fee that must be paid to take the test. The fee is expected to be paid on the day the test is administered. You must arrive on time to take the test or you may forfeit your slot without any return of the fees paid.

Texas Liquor License keeps Drinkers Safe

liquor license in Texas

Once you've successfully completed the test and receive a license, you can begin serving alcohol with complete confidence. Not only is there no risk of being arrested for a crime for serving/selling alcohol without a license, there is also improved peace of mind knowing that you know the signs to look out for and the proper measures to use to keep everyone safe. Nothing is wrong with kicking back with a cold one whether you're at home or out with friends. But, it is the responsibility of the drinker and the server to keep everyone safe. Earning your certification is the first step in doing your part.