What are Varicose Veins?

What are Varicose Veins?

Many people are bothered by varicose veins, or enlarged veins that protrude outward from the skin. Standing and walking causes an increased amount of pressure on the veins which ultimately the problem. Most people are not deeply impacted by varicose veins, aside from the appearance concerns. However, this is not always the case and some people experience problems that cause them to seek doctor treatment. You may find that laser vein treatment santa fe is right for your needs as well.

Most people with varicose veins do not suffer any symptoms and can live each day as normal as anyone else. The problem occurs when circulatory problems occur. Twisted, bulging veins is a sign that there will be more trouble.

Other people experience signs that include:

·    Itching around the veins

·    Burning, throbbing pain in the lower leg(s)

·    Heavy feeling in the legs

·    Increased pain after prolonged standing

·    Hardening of the veins

·    Trouble walking or standing

·    Skin inflammation

This is just a partial list of the possible symptoms and side effects that could indicate varicose veins. If any of the signs above are experienced and you think that this could be the problem, there are many ways to treat the problem through self-care.

Self-care treatment options include:

·    Low impact exercises work to greatly strengthen our muscles and minimizes the risks of injury and developing the problem.

·    Self-tanner can cover the unsightly veins for cosmetic-only concerns.

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·    Over-the-counter pain relievers stop much of the discomfort.

If there is pain or discomfort or other concerns that interrupt your life, do not hesitate to schedule that appointment with a vein specialist. The vein doctor is trained to diagnose underlying conditions that might be responsible for the symptoms of varicose veins and has a variety of treatment options, including laser treatment and surgery.