Why Massage Therapy Is Healthier Than Prescriptions

Why Massage Therapy Is Healthier Than Prescriptions

What do aches and pains have in common with doctors? As in your local medical practitioner, your general practitioner – GP. Aches. Pains. Doctors? General practitioners? How about specialists then? Not quite because by the time you reach one of these perhaps your GP has done the right thing and set you on the right path. But as for all those other practitioners? In the meantime. What do they have in common with aches and pains?

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Apart from the paper on which they write out their prescriptions which pharmacists can barely make out – you will agree, it is barely illegible, it is just one big scribble, and they have the audacity to say that this has something to do with their intelligence levels, apparently it is high – aches, pains and doctors have this much in common. They are giving the patients a real pain in the neck. Or do they understand what is before them?

Do these doctors and pharmacists communicate in some kind of litany of pharma codes? It would be hard to believe because hardly ever do the drugs seem to work. In fact, they end up giving some folks even more aches and pains. Looks like many of these folks need a decent massage. A massage, you say? What’s that? Why don’t you head off to the Massage Treatment Westminster center to find out. And relax, because no drugs will be passing hands here.

And yes, you may be right; it is mostly hands-on treatment. As in hands on sweaty bodies? You bet, but who says that you’ll be working up a sweat. No, this is a place where you really get to relax. And not only that. You get better here too. All your aches and pains washed away.